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Terms and Conditions of wallet withdrawl

  1. After your first trial sessions, you may volunteer to do it for free or you can charge incoming students up to INR 1200/hour (approx: USD 15/hr, Euro 14/hr, 21 AUD/hr, 20 CAD/hr, 12 GBP/hr) tax incl. Payments will be made through PayPal or UPI or bank transfer after 3-5 days after the successful completion of a session.
  2. Receiving penalties on the basis of rude behaviour, showing up late, not showing up and/or giving false information, will cause a deduction from your wallet, after an internal inquiry.
  3. The current rate of compensation is

    INR 1200/hour (approx. USD 14.5/hour)

    which is INR 400 per 20 minute session