Summer intake Germany 2024

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21 Nov 2023

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Summer intake Germany 2024

Summer intake Germany 2024

Germany boasts some of the globe's highest-ranking educational institutions, providing a wide array of courses to students from around the world. The country is also known for its thriving economy, globally esteemed academic degrees, and strong emphasis on research. In Germany, universities welcome students during both winter and summer intakes. While the majority of applicants prefer the winter intake, the summer intake is gaining popularity. This is attributed to factors such as smaller class sizes and other unique advantages.

Things to know

The summer intake in Germany kicks off from March to April, encompassing the application period from early December to mid-January. Compared to the winter intake, classes tend to have smaller sizes during the summer, translating to reduced competition among applicants. One notable perk of the summer intake is the generally mild and pleasant weather. Universities typically release acceptance letters in August-September or occasionally in February-March. However, rejection letters often take a longer time to be conveyed.

1.August to September: Preparing for Success

In these months, students planning to study in Germany should focus on English language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Additionally, they might need to undertake German language examinations like TELC or TestDaf. Some courses may also necessitate competitive exams like GMAT or GRE.

2.October to December: Crafting Your Academic Narrative

This period is ideal for initiating the creation of your Statement of Purpose (SOP) while simultaneously reaching out for Letters of Recommendation (LORs). Crafting a compelling narrative and securing strong recommendations are crucial elements of a successful application.

3.December to January: Navigating the Application Maze

Submit your applications to the universities and courses of your choice during these months. Await responses diligently, and once accepted, confirm your admission by fulfilling the necessary financial obligations and enrollment deposits.

4.January to February: Securing Your Study Journey

Initiate the application process for your German study visa during this phase. Simultaneously, explore and apply for scholarships and education loans if required. Adhere closely to visa guidelines, ensuring a smooth process.

5.March to April: On-Site Preparation in Germany

As the intake approaches, plan to be in Germany at least a month beforehand. Utilize this time to secure suitable accommodation and complete any remaining formalities. Familiarize yourself with the local environment to ensure a seamless transition into your academic journey.

Document Checklist

When planning your academic journey to Germany, ensure you have the following essential documents in order:

1.Proof of your academic qualification for university entrance.

2.Provide transcripts showcasing your academic history, along with diplomas reflecting completed degrees.

3.If applicable, include score sheets from preparatory exams like Feststellungsprüfung or Studienkolleg.

4.Include score sheets for English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.

5.If required, include results from German language exams like TestDaF or DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang).

6.Provide translated summaries of your grades, courses, and other relevant academic details.

7.Include passport-sized photographs as per the specified requirements.

8.Submit a clear copy of your valid passport, ensuring it is up-to-date.

Universities admitting students in the summer intake

Unique Benefits of Horse's Mouth for Summer Intake

Discover how Horse's Mouth provides personalized guidance, real-time insights, and testimonials showcasing its effectiveness for summer applicants. See why it's an invaluable resource for your summer study plans. Starting your studies in the summer can impact your career positively. We examine the career advantages, share success stories of summer intake graduates, and highlight the mentorship provided by Horse's Mouth for effective career preparation.


As we conclude, reflect on the myriad advantages of opting for the summer intake in Germany. Encouragement is extended to prospective students to consider this opportune entry point into German academia, with ongoing support available through Horse's Mouth.


Q1: Can I apply for any course during the summer intake in Germany?

Yes, the summer term offers a variety of courses. Horse's Mouth mentors can guide you in choosing the right one based on your preferences.

Q2: How can Horse's Mouth help with accommodation choices for the summer intake?

Horse's Mouth provides insights into housing options, real-life examples, and tips for securing suitable accommodation during your summer studies.

Q3: Are scholarships available specifically for the summer intake?

Yes, there are scholarship opportunities for summer applicants. Horse's Mouth can guide you in exploring and applying for these financial aids.

Q4: Can I work part-time during the summer term in Germany?

Yes, many students work part-time during their studies. Horse's Mouth mentors can provide advice on balancing work and academics during the summer.

Q5: How long does it take to adapt to the German culture during the summer?

Adaptation varies, but Horse's Mouth mentors share tips and personal experiences to help you smoothly transition into German culture during your summer studies.

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