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03 Oct 2023

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MBA in Switzerland


Embarking on an MBA journey is a pivotal decision in one's career. Choosing Switzerland as your academic destination adds a layer of prestige and opportunity to this transformative experience. Here, we unravel the myriad facets of pursuing an MBA in Switzerland, delving into the academic excellence, diverse course offerings, language considerations, and much more that this alpine nation has to offer.

EU Business School - Geneva

EU Business School Geneva is a prestigious institution located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. It is part of the renowned EU Business School network, known for its excellence in business education. The Geneva campus offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various business disciplines, including International Business, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Rushford Business School

The Rushford Business School offers a distinguished MBA program that stands out for its global perspective and innovative approach to business education. Based on the latest business trends and best practices, the program equips students with a comprehensive skill set needed to thrive in the competitive world of business. With a curriculum designed to foster critical thinking and leadership abilities, the MBA program at Rushford Business School covers a wide range of disciplines, including Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Strategic Management. This holistic approach ensures that graduates are well-rounded and capable of making informed decisions in complex business environments.

International Institute for Management Development

The MBA program at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, stands as a pinnacle of excellence in global business education. What sets IMD apart is its commitment to creating impactful leaders who drive positive change. The program integrates leadership assessments, coaching, and workshops to refine students' abilities to lead with vision, empathy, and strategic acumen.

EU Business School Montreux

EU Business School Montreux is accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) and IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education), attesting to its commitment to high-quality business education. Students have the opportunity to choose from a range of specializations, allowing them to tailor their education to their specific career goals. Whether in areas such as international business, marketing, finance, or entrepreneurship, the school provides the tools and knowledge needed to excel in a competitive job market.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Swiss business schools are known for their innovative teaching methods. Case studies, simulations, and experiential learning form the backbone of the curriculum. Moreover, the integration of industry professionals as guest lecturers and collaborative projects ensures that you graduate not only with theoretical knowledge but with practical insights that are directly applicable to the business world.

Internship and Job Opportunities

Switzerland's robust business ecosystem provides a plethora of opportunities for MBA graduates. The country is home to numerous multinational corporations, financial institutions, and startups, offering a fertile ground for internships and post-MBA employment. The Swiss reputation for precision, innovation, and quality is reflected in the high demand for skilled professionals in various industries.

Cultural and Networking Benefits

Studying in Switzerland means immersing yourself in a multicultural environment. Interacting with classmates from diverse backgrounds fosters a global perspective, a crucial asset in today's interconnected business landscape. Additionally, the opportunity to network with industry leaders, both within and outside the classroom, opens doors to potential collaborations and future career prospects.

Accommodation and Cost of Living

Switzerland offers a range of accommodation options for international students, from university-affiliated residences to private rentals. While the cost of living can be higher compared to some other countries, meticulous budgeting can help manage expenses. Understanding the financial aspects and exploring available resources, such as scholarships and part-time work opportunities, can greatly ease the financial burden.

GRE/GMAT: Tips and Resources

Preparing for standardized tests like GRE or GMAT requires strategic planning and focused study. Utilize a combination of official study materials, practice tests, and expert guidance from Horse's Mouth to optimize your performance. Leverage the platform's wealth of resources to ensure you're well-prepared and equipped to excel in these critical assessments.

Horse's Mouth: Your Guiding Light

In your pursuit of an MBA in Switzerland, Horse's Mouth emerges as a valuable ally. This platform connects you with experienced university students and alumni who provide personalized guidance and insights. Booking 1-on-1 calls with mentors who have walked the same path empowers you with first-hand knowledge, giving you a distinct advantage in your application process. Real-life success stories from Horse's Mouth mentees illuminate the transformative power of personalized guidance. Hearing from alumni who have navigated the Swiss MBA landscape offers invaluable insights into what to expect and how to excel. These firsthand accounts provide a realistic preview of the journey that awaits you.


Embarking on an MBA journey in Switzerland is a decision that promises not only academic excellence but also personal and professional growth. The country's rich academic heritage, coupled with a vibrant business ecosystem, sets the stage for a transformative experience. With the support of Horse's Mouth, your journey becomes even more guided and personalized, ensuring you make the most of this remarkable opportunity.


1. Is it necessary to be fluent in a Swiss language to pursue an MBA in Switzerland?

While most programs are offered in English, having a basic understanding of a local language can enhance your experience.

2. What are the typical application deadlines for MBA programs in Switzerland?

Application deadlines vary by institution, but they generally fall between October and January for fall intake.

3. Can international students work part-time while pursuing an MBA in Switzerland?

Yes, international students are allowed to work part-time during their studies, typically up to 15-20 hours per week.

4. Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing an MBA in Switzerland?

Yes, many Swiss institutions offer scholarships specifically for international students. Additionally, there are external scholarship options available.

5. How can Horse's Mouth help in the application process for MBA programs?

Horse's Mouth provides personalized guidance through 1-on-1 calls with experienced mentors, helping applicants navigate every step of the application process.

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