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08 Feb 2024

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Concordia University

Choosing the right university for your studies abroad is a monumental decision. If you're drawn to the dynamic energy of a multicultural city and crave an academically stimulating environment, Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, deserves a closer look.

Why Choose Concordia University?

Concordia University beckons aspiring students with a unique blend of academic excellence, diverse offerings, and an invigorating campus life. Here are some compelling reasons to consider it:

World-class education: Ranked among the top 600 universities globally, Concordia boasts renowned faculty, innovative research opportunities, and a curriculum that fosters critical thinking and creativity.

Multicultural hub: Nestled in Montreal, a vibrant city known for its French-English bilingualism and international flair, Concordia offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and perspectives.

Affordable tuition: Compared to many other universities abroad, Concordia offers competitive tuition fees and various scholarships, making it an accessible option for international students.

Supportive community: Concordia prides itself on its inclusive and welcoming environment. With dedicated international student support services and a network of student clubs and organizations, you'll find the support you need to thrive.

Popular Courses at Concordia University

Concordia offers a vast array of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. Here are some of its most popular offerings:

John Molson School of Business: Renowned for its excellence in business education, the John Molson School of Business offers programs in finance, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship, among others.

Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science: This school prepares students for successful careers in various engineering and computer science fields, including aerospace, software engineering, and electrical engineering.

Faculty of Arts and Science: Offering a diverse range of programs in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, this faculty caters to students with various interests.

Faculty of Fine Arts: For creative individuals, the Faculty of Fine Arts offers programs in studio arts, film, design, and music, nurturing artistic expression and professional development.

Fee Structure at Concordia University

Tuition fees at Concordia vary depending on your program, citizenship, and study level. To get a personalized estimate, visit the university's website and use their fee calculator. However, here's a general overview:

Undergraduate Domestic Students: $7,500 - $13,000 per year

Undergraduate International Students: $26,000 - $38,000 per year

Graduate Students: $7,000 - $18,000 per year

Note: Always refer to the official university website for the most up-to-date information on fees and scholarships.


Concordia University offers a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and affordability. If you're looking for a stimulating and enriching study abroad experience, consider adding Concordia to your shortlist. To delve deeper, explore the university's website, connect with current students through Horse's Mouth, and attend virtual information sessions to ask your questions directly. Remember, choosing the right university is a personal journey, so do your research and find the institution that aligns best with your academic aspirations and personal goals.

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