BBA in Germany

Kashish Sachdeva


19 Oct 2023

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BBA in Germany

Benefits of Pursuing BBA in Germany

Germany's education system is renowned for its excellence. Holding a BBA from a German university offers numerous advantages. Not only do you receive a top-notch education, but you're also exposed to a diverse and multicultural environment, preparing you for a global career. The cost-effectiveness of education and strong job prospects further enhance the appeal.

List of Universities you can apply to:

  1. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich - Link
  2. Technical University of Munich - Link
  3. Heidelberg University – Germany - Link
  4. EBS University of Business and law - Link
  5. CBS International Business School - Link
  6. Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg - Link
  7. University of Bonn - Link
  8. Humboldt university of berlin - Link
  9. Lancaster University, Leipzig - Link
  10. University of Hamburg - Link

How Horsesmouth can be helpful to you?

  1. Admission Requirements and Application Process
  2. Navigating Accommodation Options
  3. Preparing for Language Proficiency Tests
  4. Tailoring SOPs for BBA Applications
  5. Financial Considerations and Scholarships
  6. Life as a BBA Student in Germany
  7. Internship and Job Opportunities
  8. Post-Graduation Prospects


Studying BBA in Germany is a transformative experience that equips you for a global career. The quality education, diverse environment, and strong job prospects make it a top choice. With HorsesMouth, you have a supportive community of mentors ready to guide you through every step of this journey.


  • Is it necessary to be fluent in German to study BBA in Germany?

While many programs are offered in English, having basic proficiency in German can be beneficial for daily life.

  • How can Horse's Mouth help with visa applications?

Mentors on Horse's Mouth can provide tips and insights on the visa application process based on their own experiences.

  • Are there specific scholarships available for BBA programs in Germany?

Yes, there are scholarships available for international students pursuing BBA in Germany. Horse's Mouth mentors can share their experiences in applying for scholarships.

  • What are the typical living costs for a student in Germany?

On average, a student in Germany spends about €800 to €1,000 per month, which includes accommodation, food, transport, and leisure.

  • How can I network with professionals in my field while studying in Germany?

Horse's Mouth can provide guidance on networking opportunities, including events, workshops, and industry associations.

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